Philippe Altman

flag Limoges Cedex, France

Business sector 6201z
Industry, Petrochemicals and chemistry

Other Vision Software specializes in the development of software solutions for the management of life-bases (hotels, restaurants, billing, access control, transport ...) and in the implementation of access control systems. The SITES software suite makes it possible to master the overall organization and the associated budgets of the different professions exercised on a remote site in an automated and reliable way. Whether your company is a life base operator or operates directly from a remote site, SITES is a business-savvy solution that is an efficient and cost-effective solution to improve the overall management of all services and the quality of life of your workers.

We study your plans to implement or improve complete solutions for access control, hardware, software and infrastructure. We offer turnkey solutions to meet all your requirements.

Ester Technopole is an office and industrial zone specialized in IT and computer Technologies

Find clients, find partners, find investors, find business intermediaries, agent, go-between, business getters

Bespoke solutions. Specific software and hardware packages for the Mining industry, oil & Gas, and all remote site operators


Very small / VSB : 1 to 9 Employees  
101 - 300 K$  
English, Français  
  • Systèmes informatiques
  • Équipements de communication
  • Hébergement hôtelier en chambre ou unité d’habitation, avec entretien quotidien (à l’exclusion des biens en multipropriété)
  • Autres services d’hébergement n.c.a.
  • Produits informatiques, électroniques et optiques
  • Services d’hébergement
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